Six Superiorities Leading The Industry
A well-known enterprise in the industrial and hardware industry of China
Innovative R&D
  We invest nearly 1 million CNY every year in the R&D for the development of new products and the on-going support for the improvements of existing products. Through years of accumulation and continuous investment, we have established a relatively mature R&D system to provide a steady stream of power for the enterprise to grow.
Technology R&D Center
Essentra Hengzhu's R&D team includes 15 holders of medium and senior professional titles, who not only create excellent products, but also spread their design ideas and philosophy to the world.
Rigorously selected high-quality raw materials
Following its own systematic raw material management standards, Essentra Hengzhu strictly controls the raw materials and strives to fundamentally guarantee the product quality.
State-of-the-art CNC machining centers
The advanced CNC machining centers offer high machining accuracy and consistent machining quality, and are suitable for complex profiles, thereby remarkably reducing the need for tooling and enhancing the production efficiency.
IAPMO/SCA/CNAS-certified laboratory
It is the world's first factory laboratory approved by IAPMO; the products can be marketed all over world only after laboratory certification. In addition, the Company made an important contribution to formulation of Chinese National Standard (GB18145).
Cutting-edge die casting line
State-of-the-art low-pressure precision casting workshop makes precision and non-toxic products. Keep pace with the advanced technologies of our German counterparts.
Surface Treatment Center
Hundreds of automatic polishing machines, more than 10 electroplating lines, and the industry's largest PVD Vacuum Ion Sputtering & Coating System for hardware offer eco-friendly and pollution-free products that are in line with the stringent surface inspection standards of Europe and the United States.
Smart Workshop
Keep up with the industry by means of smart manufacturing. With the active cooperation and vigorous promotion of intelligent manufacturing, Essentra Hengzhu takes the lead in the revolution of intelligent manufacturing and the IoT, and leads the development of its industry.
Quality Management
Over the past 30 years, we have been pursuing perfection of "Soft Power"
We built a perfect quality management system and adhered to the philosophy of cross-border management.
The successful application of APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC and MSA has created our core quality management capabilities.
Effective safeguard measures:
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